Fellowships Round 5

Herbert Ainamani

Mental health benefits of gardening and diet among caregivers of people with dementia in rural southwestern Uganda

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Abebe Ayelign

Impact and validation of innovative community based complementary foods safety assurance method in rural Ethiopia

Nithya Vishwanath Gowdru

Disentangling the gender dimensions of agriculture-nutrition linkages in India

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Abdullah-Al Mamun

Climate change and aquaculture intensification: Potential impacts on undernutrition in Bangladesh

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Serge Mpouam

Upscaling metrics for sustainable spatial and livestock production system smart prioritization of transboundary animal diseases in Cameroon

Marianne V. (“Vicky”) Santoso

Codifying best practices for participatory approaches in agriculture and nutrition research: a toolkit and case study based on lessons learned in East Africa

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