New IMMANA briefing note: Accelerometry: a practical tool for understanding the role of energy in agriculture-nutrition linkages

A new policy brief about accelerometry has been published from the IMMANA Grant-funded project on New Keys for Old Black Boxes: Developing Methods to Improve Nutrition Assessment by Measuring Energy Expenditure, University of Reading.

Accelerometry is a methodology developed for generating reliable human energy expenditure profiles that can be used in a variety of agricultural settings in developing countries. In this briefing note, the researchers introduce the methodology and share the policy and programming implications garnered from the application of accelerometry to investigate drudgery reduction and gender differences in physical activity.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Maize in Ghana's Upper West Region, which has suffered failed rains and rising temperatures by Neil Palmer/CIAT; Shanti Tamang (19) does her day job, her husband works abroad [Nepal] by Mokhamad Edliadi/CIFOR; Rice threshing, near Sangrur, SE Punjab, India by Neil Palmer/CIAT.