Emory University (WELI)

Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

Women’s empowerment in livestock-focused agriculture: Identifying and understanding pathways to impact for maternal and child nutrition in East Africa


PI: Amy Webb Girard, Emory University

Collaborators: Usha Ramakrishnan, Kathryn Yount, Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere (all Emory University), Paula Dominguez-Salas (Royal Veterinary College), Isabelle Baltenweck, Delia Grace, Rudolph Gleason (all ILRI), Misaganaw Eticha Dubie (Stand for Vulnerable Organisation)

Duration: 36 months (from 1 September 2015)

Value: £249,486 

Countries of research: Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia

Summary of the project:

The team, bringing together experts in maternal and child nutrition, livestock-focused agriculture and women’s empowerment, will develop new metrics for women’s empowerment and animal source foods intakes that are sensitive to maternal and child nutrition and relevant to different livestock value chains, including pork, dairy cattle and poultry.

To achieve this we will capitalise on funded research-for-development projects in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda to:


1) Conduct mixed methods research to inform tool development and refinement

2) Evaluate validity of developed tools

3) Integrate the tools into the monitoring, learning and evaluation strategies of each project 

4) Utilise data collected to analyse the pathways through which livestock-focused interventions influence women’s empowerment and maternal and child nutrition.